CanMediate’s Mission, Values and Beliefs

Our mission is to help clients leverage conflicts to expose limiting beliefs, hidden blind spots and key patterns that can lead to solving symptoms rather than the actual problem. To accomplish this, we operate from the following set of values and beliefs:

  • Conflict has tremendous leverage potential when it is understood and well managed.
  • Individuals and organizations have hidden blind spots and limiting beliefs that can obscure the interconnections that are influencing the current operational reality
  • Individuals and groups have the capacity to resolve even very tough challenges, given the appropriate skills, supports, and processes that are well set up and well run.
  • We want to build capacity within your team to create relevant, practical, achievable solutions that are workable for your organization, Our personal, professional and company integrity is one of our greatest assets
  • Laughing together can help…
  • This is not about us – it is about you (our client) and what your organization needs.

Our Working Philosophy:

  • We work in a professional, confidential, open and transparent manner.
  • We work from an organizational and relationship systems perspective.
  • We strive to build capacity in teams and organizations.
  • We will give you our honest professional opinion about your particular situation and share any concerns we have about the direction being taken
  • We encourage clients to explore all of the contributing factors in a situation.

What you can expect from CMI:

  • Honesty, professionalism and a high level of effort
  • Judgment, experience, expertise, transparency and consultation
  • The development of a process or program that meets the needs of your group
  • To keep the process focused, on track and cost-effective
  • To report back at the agreed times and in an appropriate fashion, the status and progress of the work
  • To facilitate the creation of a working partnership between management and CMI by facilitating the open / transparent sharing of expectations, objectives, concerns, questions and information (within the confidentiality guidelines of the process).
  • Our utmost efforts to work within the operational requirements and timelines of the participant group and management.

What CMI expects from clients:

  • Openness, honesty and a willingness to share information that is relevant and pertinent to the situation
  • Commitment to support the process from a leadership perspective
  • Commitment of adequate resources (time, leadership, money etc.) to address the situation
  • Willingness to actively engage in the process as needed and support individuals and groups to do the necessary work
  • Recognition that Workplace Restoration / Renewal is inherently a complex, unpredictable process that evolves as it unfolds.
  • Flexibility to work with CMI to adjust the process as needed to address challenges when they arise and to support the long term success of the Workplace Restoration / Renewal process.
  • Sincerity and a willingness to model accountability and the desired behaviour when needed and appropriate
  • Commitment to partnering with CMI to create a functional, workable process with maximum potential for success