Conflict Resolution Coaching

Conflict Resolution Coaching involves working with an individual or group to support them in examining communication issues and approaches to conflict in both an interpersonal and intra-group context.
As a conflict resolution coach, one of our highly trained associates will work with participating individuals to assess what strategies are currently being used, their level of effectiveness and areas where changes or improvements have the potential to increase the rate of success.

The coach’s role is to support and challenge the person being coached to develop the necessary skills, understanding, and knowledge that will help them to resolve the conflict more effectively and to enhance their capacity to function at both the individual and team level. In many situations, the provision of solid coaching to the parties of a conflict can enable them to resolve the issue without the need for additional interventions.

In the event that an intervention is still required, the coached participant will have an increased capacity to function effectively in the intervention resulting in a better potential for resolution. It can be a time efficient and cost-effective solution to many conflict situations!


The Professional Workplace Interaction Coaching Program

The Professional Workplace Interaction Coaching Program™ is designed specifically for individuals whose choices and behaviour are contributing to the situation, catalyzing the conflicts and putting your obligations as an employer to provide a healthy workplace in jeopardy. It is a structured coaching program designed to help people recognize the value in making different choices and improving their interactions with others in the workplace. The approach is fully customized to meet the specific needs of the participant, their manager and the employer and recognizes that change is frequently needed at both the employee and the management level.