Leverage Conflict

Create Healthy, Productive Workplaces

A Navigator and Pilot Can Help!

A river is a mix of serene peaceful water interspersed with mild rapids and raging white water…. Our business lives are much like that river… we have times of relatively stable, uneventful productivity where plans are being implemented, customers are getting what they need and employees are doing what they need to do… and then there are other times where change is hitting hard and fast, we are managing by crisis and people seem to be working at cross purposes. As a leader:

  • What investments in your ‘human capital’ make the most sense to support the team?
  • What will build capacity in the team to be able to navigate the rough stuff when it hits?
  • When the team is challenged and distracted by conflict and continually changing uncertainty how can you help them get things back on track?
  • Are inappropriate choices or behaviour catalyzing conflicts and creating challenges for the team?

Not sure where things are at? /Download our Organizational Health Audit, give it out to your team (or just do it yourself) and send it back to us. We will do a FREE analysis and provide you the results. No obligations.

Need a pilot or navigator? We will use our 20+ years of experience to partner with your leadership team through our consulting, training, coaching and speaking programs to:

  • Build knowledge and skills to create flexible, robust teams who can navigate the challenges they encounter successfully…
  • Resolve outstanding issues that are creating distraction and turmoil in the team
  • Work with the group to help create healthier more productive (and profitable) workplaces!
  • Provide coaching to help individuals improve their professional workplace interactions

Let us help you avoid putting a Band-Aid over an abscess!

How are things going?


Are things going relatively well? Great! However, like a good marriage it requires an OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAinvestment of time and resources to maintain the positive energy and  PREVENT things from slipping. We have strategies for keeping things on track!

A Bit Rough…

Got conflicts? Formal complaints and grievances? Higher turnoveOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAr than you would like? Are there rumblings in the ranks? Sounds like there are some things that need to be RESOLVED! We have strategies that can get things back on track!

Getting Chaotic…

Have things deteriorated? Conflicts distracting people, disrupting work and creOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAating tension? Is staff aligning into ‘camps’? Burning out? It’s time for some DAMAGE CONTROL to contain things until they can be resolved. We have strategies for this too!